Our ServicesSupply Chain

We provide customized intelligent logistics solutions to meet your specific needs, including just-in-time international deliveries and customizable supply chain solutions.

For almost 30 years, we have constructed and acquired 4 distribution centers in strategic locations of Thailand to distribute products from over 200 chemical manufacturers globally; Using innovative approaches, including out-of-the-box methodologies such as:

Spot Price
Indent & Agent Basis
Contract Price

Distribution HubsHygienic Prioritized Warehouse

We invest in and acquire facilities to help your business grow.

At DIC, we are committed to upholding the highest standards for the storage, handling, transport, and trading of chemicals. We have extensive knowledge of import & control regulations and business standards, and we ensure that we are always in full compliance with Thailand’s guidelines.

Four of our logistics centers in Bangkok serve as an extension of our partners’ supply chain services and facilitate communication between overseas and downstream users. In addition to repackaging and relabeling services, we offer sampling services and can adjust our order quantities to meet the specific needs of our customers’ production processes.

Optimized DeliveryVersatile Logistics Centers

We have designed our distribution process to help reduce delivery costs for our customers while also ensuring timely delivery of their orders. By optimizing the logistics of our distribution network, we are able to provide our customers with cost-effective and efficient service.

Working with a global network of supply chain partners allows us to efficiently meet the changing needs of our customers around the world. We work with experienced, certified third-party logistics providers to ensure that we maintain high service levels at all times.

Our distribution process follows a “versatile-hub” distribution model, which means that our principal suppliers may deliver to a central hub, subsidiary hub, or even directly to our customers domestically and internationally. This approach allows us to effectively manage our supply chain and provide reliable and cost-effective logistics service to our customers.