Natural Humectant

Natural Humectant

Humectants bind the moisture that is contained in the food and, in addition, absorb moisture from the air. Their hygroscopic property prevents foods from drying out and stops the sugar contained in confectionery from crystallizing. Thus, they have a moisture control effect.

The shelf life of intermediate moisture foods is limited because of fungal and bacterial growth. Bacterial growth is influenced by the water activity of the food. Water activity is a measure of the free water within the food. The higher the amount of free water in the food, the higher the water activity and thus microbial growth.

Microbial degradation can be reduced by either drying the food or adding humectants. Drying reduces both water content and water activity. When a natural humectant is added, the amount of free water decreases, but the water content remains the same.

Natural Humectant additives in our stock including:

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine anhydrous is a chemical that occurs naturally in beets, spinach, cereals, seafood, and wine.

Betaine anhydrous helps the body to process a chemical called homocysteine. Homocysteine is involved in the normal function of many different parts of the body, including blood, bones, eyes, heart, muscles, nerves, and the brain. Betaine anhydrous prevents the buildup of homocysteine in the blood.

Powdered Cellulose

Cellulose is obtained from plant fibres such as wheat, oat and bamboo. The fibres are purified and ground to fine powders. No chemicals are used. The result is an all-natural humectant, which can be used in bakery, confectionery, processed meat and fish products. The natural humectant improves product quality, regulates the moisture content and extends shelf life.

Using natural humectant, bread and baked goods remain fresh for longer, confectionery such as chewing gum, chocolates and cookies doesn’t dry out so quickly and meat and fish products have a longer shelf life. Powdered cellulose can also be used in bakery fillings. The cellulose binds the free water contained in the filling and prevents the moisture of the filling from migrating into other layers of the product.

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