Certified QC ProcessesDIC is ISO9001:2015 compliant

This international standard ensures that our quality control system meets rigorous requirements for efficiency, effectiveness, and consistency. By earning this certification, we demonstrate our dedication to producing high-quality work and to continuously improving our processes. Our clients can trust that when they work with DIC, they are receiving results they can depend on.

Our laboratory testing service is available both in-house and through outsourcing to world-class third-party laboratories, ensuring that our clients have access to the best possible testing options to meet their needs

Assay Test
Fluoride Test
Bulk Density
Microbial Test
Heavy Metal Test
Packaging Control
Sieve Analysis
Reducing Sugar
Loss On Ignition
Label Control
pH Analysis
N-P-K Test
Loss On Drying
Solubility Test
Moisture Test
CODEX Control
Physical Properties

In-House SolutionDIC Laboratory

Our lab has the capabilities to commence initial chemical testing or pre-screening to provide valuable insights and identify any potential issues before proceeding with further testing.

Our testing catalog including:

Tapped/Untapped Bulk Density Test
ASTM Sieve Analysis
Glass-Electrode pH Test
Solubility Test
Physical Properties & Chemical Analysis
Documents, Label, and Packaging Control

Well Renowned PartnersWe Work With Gold Standard Third-Party Laboratories.

Obtain accurate and reliable test results, thanks to the expertise of our partners’ trained and experienced scientists, state-of-the-art equipment, strict quality control measures, and accreditation from recognized organizations.

Trusted Partner Laboratories

Together Committed to Providing Quality Testing Services for Over 26 Years.