Non-dairy Creamer

Non-dairy Creamer

Because creamer can significantly improve the smoothness and milkiness of coffee or milk tea while also making them seem even more delicious, creamer is a crucial component of both coffee and tea. Due to economical value and extended shelf life, non-dairy creamer is increasingly frequently chosen because it dissolves well in liquids.

Non-dairy creamers (NDC) are precisely made free-flowing liquids or powders that are intended to replace milk or cream as an ingredient to coffee or other drinks. The NDC must therefore deliver the same mouthfeel and whitening impact while also dispersing swiftly without producing oil separation in the beverage.

The emulsifiers those in our stock including:

  • Dipotassium Phosphate (DKP)
  • Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP)
Additives in creamers

Both STPP (Sodium Triphosphate/ Tripoly or Pentasodium Triposphate) and DKP (Dipotassium salt/ Dipotassium Hydrogen orthophosphate/ Potassium Phosphate) can be incorporated into creamer application. However, the ratio of STPP and DKP is dependent on the individual formulations.

DKP for creamers

DKP is a soluble buffer for casein based coffee creamers. DKP functions as buffering agents, controlling and maintaining optimum pH to assure milk protein stability. DKP is most often used to adjust pH and prevent “feathering” in imitation coffee creamers and is preferred for neutral flavor characteristics. STPP also helps in buffering non-dairy creamers and improve protein stability. However, DKP is more soluble compared to STPP.

Additionally, DKP is an excellent emulsifying agent that enables it to be used in dairy applications such as creamer where it is necessary to mix otherwise incompatible substances. DKP has buffering properties to prevent coagulation but not for STPP. DKP is used as buffer for smooth mixing into coffee in nondairy creamer application.

In a nutshell, DKP is the key to stabilization of dairy- and non-dairy-based coffee creamers. It stabilizes the protein layer around the fat droplets, preventing syneresis and curdling when added to hot, acidic coffee or tea.

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