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We are the leading chemical distributor in Thailand, trusted by the global’s top manufacturers and brands. Our streamlined supply-chain managements are tailored to fit your process and application while met with gold standards. Our industrial expertise for 26 years will assist you to expedite production process and innovate new products. Our teams are structured to scale at your size so you can focus on growing business.

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Our promise: Get the chemicals you need, when you need them, from anywhere in the world, on time!
"Service that goes beyond being a partner, very courteous staff."
"A trustworthy supplier capable of meeting your specific requirements."
"Timely delivery of high-quality products with exceptional service."
"Outstanding post-sales service, offering comprehensive sales support for chemical procurement."
"Superb product quality, competitive pricing, and there are regular updates on chemical developments."
"Received excellent support in terms of quoting, quality, and timely product delivery."
"Reasonably priced products, on-time deliveries, polite sales representatives, timely information updates, and straightforward payment terms."
"Excellent service, accurate and swift chemical information, prompt delivery of products, and quick response on Spec, COA."
"Their sales team is attentive to customer concerns, ready to provide advice, and promptly finds solutions to meet our needs."
"High-quality products, comprehensive documentation support, competitive pricing, timely and efficient deliveries."
"Can source products according to your specific quantity requirements, with continuous development and improvement."
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